by Okawa.

Our end users and customers are always our top priority. We do everything we can to support them and make them experience optimal comfort and high-end convenience. It’s part of what we call ‘ease of power’.

Service & maintenance

Never worry about spare parts or delivery dates anymore.

Instead of a limited warranty, the subscription services contract with Okawa includes the guarantee of being able to rely on a functioning product over its entire life cycle. In the event of a breakdown or damage, two strict principles apply: the e-bike user must become mobile again as quickly as possible and the service should be particularly easy for the service provider.

Best service

AESM™ enables software updates and a system fault diagnosis without additional hardware.

No hidden costs

You know exactly what you get and how much you pay.

Custom proposal

Based on your specific business model(s) we can discuss one or more tailormade subscription solutions.

App customize

Your mobile device is the only hardware you need to diagnose or upgrade the system.

factory design AT80


With the Okawa Service app you always have the latest version on your mobile device. No time consuming updates on your desktop or necessary hardware parts change requirements.

No intermediary

Easily connect with an e-bike over the air with bluetooth connectivity. No hardware needed. Just download the app, connect with your e-bike system, and you are ready to go. It’s that easy.

Parts guarantee

Okawa has all parts available in a central warehouse in Europe. Our logistics service provider will have the parts at your or your customer’s location no later than 48 hours.

Gain trust with your buyers. That’s our guarantee.

Okawa offers a fully integrated best-in-class drivetrain systems and our unique Advanced Exchange Service Model (AESM™) to continuously empower and support the e-bike market. Subscribe or buy and experience what high-end convenience feels like.

  • Fool-proof systems
  • AESM™ to speed up service processes
  • No repairs but fast replacements