Meet the
new AT60.

A real technology hit is presented with the AT60: the “T” stands for “Transmission” – in this application meaning a 4-speed gearbox integrated into the mid-motor with a practical 240% gear ratio range and optional automatic shifting. It is specifically tailored to fleet operators or share e-bike providers and any other who is interested in an ‘ease of power’ product.

With our new model you can finally make e-bikes that are built to last.

By subscribing to our products instead of buying them,
you reduce your operational risks thanks to Okawa’s
product replacement and refund services.
During the lifetime of your bikes Okawa ensures
flawless service to keep systems up to date with
the latest software and exchange parts if necessary.
For a fixed amount per month per system, Okawa will unburden you so you can better focus on your core
part of the business. At the end of an e-bike’s
lifetime, we’ll stop the monthly fee and collect the
e-bike systems part for re-usage or recycling.

Gain trust with your buyers. That’s our guarantee.

Okawa offers a fully integrated best-in-class drive train & gear shift system and an Advanced Exchange Service Model (AESM™) to continuously empower and support the e-bike market. Subscribe or buy and experience what high-end convenience feels like.

  • AT60 fool-proof system
  • AESM™ to speed up service processes
  • No repairs but fast replacements
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Connect to your entire
e-bike fleet
and give
your end users
endless possibilities.

Okawa offers OTA connected solutions to diagnose or upgrade your complete e-bike fleet. Via the Okawa Service app on your mobile device, it’s easy to execute service requirements, such as firmware updates or maintenance. Wherever you are, you are always in control.

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Smart solutions for
new mobility.

Okawa offers various solutions for both commercial and consumer use.

Commercial use
Last-mile delivery

Upgrading your e-bike fleet delivers an optimal cycling experience for your employees.

Sharing / Rental

Provide your e-bike fleet with a highly durable and fool-proof system.

Consumer use
OEM / Brands

Improve your e-bike models or series and grow your brand experience.


Our products and services are designed in a way that we can easily adapt to the changing and moving retail world.

The power of Okawa helps you to empower and grow your business.

With the powerful back up of Asia’s largest producer and seller of e-two-wheelers, we are credible and scalable with excellent purchase power. All to serve your needs quickly and efficiently, without loosing valuable time.


AT60 is developed to make things so much easier.

For the end-consumer to have a hassle free motor and gear shift device which can work in automatic mode. Do you want to be in control: choose manual shifting. For manufacturers we make the assembly process easy: less applications that have to interact.

Overview of all specs
  • Maximum Cadence >120rpm
  • Maximum Torque 100Nm
  • Rated Power 250W
  • Communication Protocol CAN
  • Available Accessories Bluetooth / GPS
  • Rated 48V
  • Dimensions L:210  W:181  H:201
  • Chainline 54,9.
  • Crank Type ISIS
  • Weight 5,3  kg
  • Noise <60dB
  • Certifications CE / EN15194-2017 / JISD9115:2017 / GB17761-2018
  • Gears 4
  • Ratio Range 240%