Meet the

Smart solutions for
new mobility.

Okawa offers various solutions for both commercial and consumer use.

Commercial use
Last-mile delivery

Upgrading your e-bike fleet delivers an optimal cycling experience for your employees.

Sharing / Rental

Provide your e-bike fleet with a highly durable and fool-proof system.

Consumer use
OEM / Brands

Improve your e-bike models or series and grow your brand experience.


Our products and services are designed in a way that we can easily adapt to the changing and moving retail world.

The power of Okawa helps you to empower and grow your business.

With the powerful back up of Asia’s largest producer and seller of e-two-wheelers, we are credible & scalable with excellent purchase power and short lead times. All to serve your needs quickly and efficiently, without losing valuable time.

Overview of all specs
  • Maximum Cadence >120rpm
  • Maximum Torque 80N.m
  • Rated Power 250/500W
  • Communication Protocol CAN
  • Availabe Accessories Bluetooth / GPS
  • Rated 48v
  • Dimension L: 172 W: 121 H: 111
  • Chain Line 50.5/53mm
  • Crank Type ISIS
  • Weight 2.7kg
  • Noise <60dB
  • Certification CE/EN 15194/JISD9115: 2017/GB17761-2018