New product launch: a breakthrough in the e-bike market.

Okawa’s ‘all-in one’ motor with gearbox for the rider is the future of e-bikes.  With 8 gears and 488% ratio range it will serve a large set of various e-bikes.  With the ‘ease of power’ you choose whether you shift yourself or the box does the shifting automatically based on a preferred cadence setting.  Shifting is smooth, with all controls in one box we are able to define optimal settings for smooth gear shift actions.  With current available mid-motor  products, it is a challenge to choose the right gearbox that works smooth with the mid-motor, with Okawa’s AT80 this hassle is history.

For assemblers life is going to be easier.  Just install the AT80 and you have much more easiness with other parts. Chainline issues are solved, rear wheels can be simple again with only one sprocket to carry. No cables or wires to control a separate gearbox, all is controlled by only one HMI and/or mobile device.  Belt or chain or both possible.


For end consumers no more shift hassle. Just pick the automatic shifting option and you’re free to fully concentrate on other things then shifting. You want to be in control yourselves: choose manual shifting.  Easy through only one HMI that serves both gear shift functions and ‘traditional’ settings.